Blog Posts in June, 2015

Onboarding New Manufacturing Employees

Start your relationship with your new manufacturing employee on the right foot, and make a great impression beginning on their first day. You already know that they’ll be doing the same for you; ...
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Overcoming Your Greatest Weakness

Every working person in the world excels in some areas and struggles in others. While some of us are natural experts at organizing spreadsheets, others demonstrate impressive talent with writing, ...
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Daily Checks for Forklift Operators

At the beginning of a shift, or just prior to use, forklift operators should take a few minutes to carefully inspect the lift truck they’re about to control. These inspections should happen ...
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Welcome to Lift Temp Blog

Welcome to Lift Temp Blog
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Distraction in the Workplace: An Avoidable Risk

When most people talk about workplace safety and workplace hazards, they’re referring to environmental, structural, and traffic issues. These might include an absent safety railing on a high ...
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