• Protecting New Workers

    Protecting worker safety should be a top priority, and if you’re an experienced manager or business owner, you understand how small investments in worker protection can pay off in big ways. Even something as simple as a handrail installation can let employees know that you care about their well- being, and can yield big increases […]

  • How to Dress for a Skilled Trade Interview

    Here at Lift Temp, we often hear similar questions from job seekers and candidates for both professional and skilled trade positions. Candidates often turn to our experts for resume support, leads, and – of course – questions about the interview process. Here’s one we hear almost every day: “I’ve been invited to interview for a […]

  • CNC Machine Tooling and Wire Bending

    Computer assisted machine tooling, or CNC machining and machine tooling, involves the use of computer programs to automate a procedure or process that bends, cuts or shapes metal in the form of sheets, die, or wires. CNC programming and CNC machining are promising fields of employment for a variety of reasons, though some experts predict […]

  • The Impact of Turnover on Manufacturing Costs

    Are your turnover rates affecting your bottom line more than you realize? Before you dismiss turnover as a standard cost of business or a natural and unavoidable aspect of the manufacturing industry, think twice. A few small changes to your workplace or your management style can keep employees on the team for longer tenures, and […]

  • Fired from a Manufacturing Job? How to Explain it in an Interview

    You’re looking for a position in manufacturing, and you have almost everything it takes to land the jobs that fall within your sights: you have the right set of skills and all the experience, ambition, and determination you need to get where you’re headed. You only have one problem: you were fired from your last […]

  • Protecting Your Employees from Workplace Violence

    When most people hear the term “workplace violence,” they envision a physical attack or altercation between a boss and a direct report, or between two co-workers, possibly resulting from a workplace conflict or misunderstanding. But this is just one example of a wide range of behaviors that fall under this category, all of which can […]

  • Getting Started in a Skilled Trade: Three Tips

    You’re about to embark on a career that involves working with your hands, and you’re gathering the skills, knowledge, and experience you need to carve out a place for yourself in your trade. You may be studying plumbing, carpentry, auto repair, aircraft maintenance, beauty and aesthetics, HVAC repair, or any other field with eternal demand […]

  • The Importance of Work-Life Balance: Avoiding Fatigue

    If you’re like most employees in the full-time workplace, you may sometimes feel that your employers are asking more from you than you’re able to give. In other words, you can’t meet the demands placed upon you without taking something away from the other aspects of your life. In order to please your boss and […]

  • Four In-Demand Skills for Lift Truck Operators

    When most employers review a stack of resumes and schedule interviews for potential lift truck operators, they look for the answer to one (fairly obvious) question: Has this candidate ever operated a lift truck? How much experience has he or she had behind the controls? But as it happens, this isn’t the only question that […]

  • Onboarding New Manufacturing Employees

    Start your relationship with your new manufacturing employee on the right foot, and make a great impression beginning on their first day. You already know that they’ll be doing the same for you; they’ll be bringing their A-game and stepping into the workplace with the best possible attitude and intentions…So make sure you respond in […]