The Importance of Work-Life Balance: Avoiding Fatigue

If you’re like most employees in the full-time workplace, you may sometimes feel that your employers are asking more from you than you’re able to give. In other words, you can’t meet the demands placed upon you without taking something away from the other aspects of your life. In order to please your boss and satisfy your implied job description, for example, you have no choice but to compromise your health or the time you spend with your loved ones. There are only so many hours in a day, and most of us have a finite amount of energy to spend during those hours. So what can you do when your job threatens to take over and diminish the quality of your life? Here are a few moves that can help you avoid fatigue and maintain control over your destiny.

Stand up for yourself.

Ask what’s in it for you. We’ve been taught to believe that this move is selfish and immoral, but when it comes to work, it’s sometimes necessary. Remember that business is business…it isn’t personal. If you’re asked to come in on a weekend or take an unexpected two-week trip, make sure your sacrifices are acknowledged and your time and investments are compensated. Imagine yourself as the CEO of You, Inc. Will your company make money if you give your product away for free? Of course not.

Physical and mental health are connected.

Before you assume that your post-lunch exhaustion or your fragile emotions during a 6:30 meeting are simply the product of your circumstances, think again. Your mind and body are linked, and the decisions you make and the care you invest in your physical health will pay off in the quality of your work and your overall happiness. Get at least six hours of sleep every night. Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. Eat a complete breakfast of whole grains, fruit, and lean protein. Don’t go to sleep at 2:00 a.m. and then eat cake for breakfast and expect to have a good day.

Choose the right employer in the first place.

Despite an avalanche of studies proving that well-treated, respected, and trusted employees produce better work, some employers simply disregard this information and continue to treat their employees as commodities. If your employer thinks less of you because you leave work to attend to a sick child, or actually use your allotted and earned PTO days, it might be time to look for a new employer. Your frustration may result from misaligned values, and finding a better match may be easier than you think.

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