Counterbalance Propane
Location: Steels Ave. and Hwy 410
Timings: Continental Night Shifts 5:55 PM to 6:10 AM
Crown Reach/Walkie/Dockstocker (positions-6)
Location: Mississauga Rd and Steels Ave
Timings: Monday to Thursday – 7 PM to 5:30 AM ( 10 hour shifts – 4 days a week )
Crown Reach, Dockstocker and Counterbalance ( positions 15 )
Location: Mississauga Rd. and Britannia
Timings: Days and Afternoons
Crown Reach, Dockstocker and Counterbalance ( positions 7 )
Location: Martin Groove Rd and Steels Ave.
Timings: Days and Afternoons
Reach and Counterbalance ( positions 8 )
Location: Vaughn, near Canada’s Wonderland.
Timings: Days and Afternoons
Reach, Walkie and Counterbalance ( positions 6 )
Location: Burlington and Oakville
Timings: Days and Afternoons

Why Choose Us

  • The only Staffing Agency that Conducts Testing on all Candidates
  • Industry Leader in Forklift Staffing and Training
  • All Candidates come fully certified with all documents!
  • Committed to the Safety of Our Associates and Our Clients