We’re Canada’s specialists in hiring qualified forklift operators and general labourers. In fact, every forklift operator comes practical evaluation ready! We make sure each operator has taken our state-of-the-art online forklift theory course – no other agency in the GTA has a theory program like this. It ensures operators are engaged and tested throughout every stage of the theory process while they requalify. Each forklift evaluation will take just a few minutes when a candidate arrives at your warehouse, and can be performed on any mobile device.


We understand that Skilled Trades Professionals are key players within companies as they are responsible for ensuring the highest quality of production, decreasing of downtime, reducing waste and continuously practicing production improvements. With our extensive knowledge in the trade, understanding the industry struggles combined with the quality assurance and testing processes, we can assure you that you’ll be hiring the right professional every time.


The structure and organization of every company is heavily reliant on a strong leader. Being able to find qualified professionals with the combination of knowledge, experience and leadership skills may be time consuming and to be honest—it’s a hiring professionals’ nightmare! LIFT Staffing has a thorough screening process that ensures that every candidate presented to our clients is qualified in both professional skillset and personality traits, to be able to lead the team towards success.


When it comes to hiring clerical and administrative staff, finding the right fit is especially important. They’re at the heart of every office. Their jobs are heavily relied upon and they set the tone for your company culture.


We screen candidates through behavioural interviews that bring their true abilities to the forefront. No matter how complex your sales process is, we only recommend candidates that can cut it.


Technology is advancing the way we live and work every day. In this hyperconnected world, businesses are evolving to keep up and roles are changing to meet new expectations. As businesses expand globally and streamline operations, finance and accounting professionals who bring more than just technical skills to the table are in high demand.

Why Choose Us

  • The only Staffing Agency that Conducts Testing on all Candidates
  • Industry Leader in Forklift Staffing and Training
  • All Candidates come fully certified with all documents!
  • Committed to the Safety of Our Associates and Our Clients